Seminar on community structure

I get to present my work on community structure Thursday 30 October at the e-Humanities group at the Meertens institute. Especially a good occasion to present my most recent results on “significant scales in community structure”


Many complex networks exhibit some modular structure: they tend to have clusters of nodes that have many links inside clusters and few links across clusters, which are commonly called “communities”. In this presentation, I will sketch a broad overview of the topic. Two core problems of community structure will be highlighted and adressed: the problem of the so-called resolution limit and the problem of community structure in random networks. Only few methods do not suffer from the resolution limit and I will introduce one such method. The second problem will be addressed from the viewpoint of the significance of community structure. Interestingly, both problems seem to be incongruent, so that no method can address both problems simultaneously. I will conclude with some practical pointers for uncovering community structure and interpreting the results.


Traag, V. A., Van Dooren, P. & Nesterov, Y. Narrow scope for resolution-limit-free community detection. Physical Review E 84, 016114 (2011). Cite

Traag, V. A., Krings, G. & Van Dooren, P. Significant scales in community structure. Scientific Reports 3, 2930 (2013). Cite


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